Lovely and cozy space, full of energetic and caring employees. The bakery is amazing and always changing and the coffee is always fresh. Great spot to stop in the morning or afternoon, and they know my order the second I step through the door!
Everything is gluten free, I repeat everything is gluten free. So many options I was very impressed. Things were very flavorful. I think they are doing a fantastic job with gluten free items.
What a wonderful bakery! Whether or not you are gluten free or vegan you can most certainly find a treat here to enjoy. I am not gluten free and I could not believe how much I adored what I've had here. In particular here are my favorites: PEANUT BUTTER BARS, Lavender Cookies, Banana chocolate chunk bread, PEANUT BUTTER BARS, spice cookies, and the plum torte. Did I mention the PEANUT BUTTER BARS? I have brought treats in to the office, catered them in for work lunches, taken them on trips and each and every time they were devoured! The coffee is delicious Anondyne coffee (I love the local connection) and it's a full coffee bar so order up your pour overs, lattes, and cappuccinos while you stare out at the river (and soon to be open bridge!). 5/5 for sure. Definitely a place to check out.
Beautiful space with yummy baked goods and coffee. All gluten free with some dairy free options and all reasonably priced. Would love it if they had some savory options as well, maybe sandwiches or soup, then I would just hang out all day. I will definitely be visiting again!
I read about this bakery opening and decided to check it out. First off, I was hesitant because I hate the whole 1st Street bridge construction detour. Let me tell you, it's not a big deal and well worth the extra 15 seconds. I sampled a few of the offerings - banana bread and one of the bars. Both had excellent flavor. You can tell that a lot of effort was put into coming up with product that's GF yet still yummy. I ended up purchasing a few brownies and grandma bars. Service was quick and friendly. I'm not a coffee drinker but they have a nice selection of drinks and Anodyne coffee. If you've tried one of the other GF bakeries in town and were as disappointed as I was by their offerings you will be so delighted with MOR. I will definitely be back.
My husband and I just went to MOR’s for the first time this morning. Delicious baked goods coffee and chai latte. So nice to feel comfortable eating knowing the food is safe for me to eat. The staff was so personable. We will definitely be back!!
Having celiac disease makes navigating the world and food a little bit more difficult. It is so amazing to have a delicious bakery close to home that is affordable and dedicated gluten-free. It’s nice walking in somewhere and knowing that everything that is in the location is safe for me to eat. Thank you for opening and for having so many options for those of us who have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. The brownies and cookies are delicious!
Today was my first visit to MOR Bakery. What a treat to get to choose from such an amazing variety of gf treats instead of only one or two. I did buy one of almost everything I saw. So far, everything is delicious, especially the almond plum tart! (I bought so much, I couldn't try everything at once.) I will be back soon.
I can't say enough. The sweets tasted out of this world and I can't believe the prices are so reasonable! Can't wait to go back and if you are reading this what are you waiting for? Go check it out NOW!
I have had the pleasure of being a taste-tester for Traci over the years, and I am beyond excited to see her opening this bakery. She is diligent in perfecting her recipes - gone are the days of gritty, dry gluten free baked goods! She is also dedicated to making her baked goods affordable which is rare in GF anything! Milwaukee you are in for a treat!
Traci & the MOR team is bringing something so special to this community. To be able to buy delicious sweets, treats, and coffee from a place where I don't have to worry about the ingredients is wonderful. Plus, the culture at MOR is so uplifting and positive. The greater MKE area is so lucky to have such an outstanding bakery in the area!!